Terms and Conditions

Vacation Home Rental Waiver
This agreement constitutes a contract between Guest(s) and Rental Management One.
Rental Management One serves as the agent and representative of all owners of rental properties
in our rental program, and is at all times, acting in and for the best interests of the owners.
Please be sure to read through your “check in” information and the binder at each property.
In order to confirm your reservation, at least 50% of the total rental fee is due at the time of booking. When booking via telephone, submitting the reservation and providing credit card information constitutes as your acceptance of the terms and conditions. The remaining balance of the rental fee is due 30 days upon arrival. Unless checked per property 100% paid at time of reservation.
CANCELLATION: Please read the confirmation letter for accuracy of dates, mailing address, number of adults and/or children, and accommodations. Moderate: If a traveler cancels up to 60 days before their stay, they are given a 50% refund and are not charged any booking fees. For the bookings cancelled up to 14 days in advance, the traveler receives a 50% refund and is charged booking fees on that portion-per Airbnb only. Holiday reservations are non-refundable.
Rental Management One accepts Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. All credit card sales are final.
I, the Guest, attest I am providing my credit card number as a guarantee. I agree to pay all rent, accept all terms of this reservation agreement, and accept all liability for any damage, including pet damage, and anything beyond normal wear and tear during the term of my lease with Rental Management One.
This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of the State of Michigan. Any action whatsoever in relation to this agreement shall be instituted and prosecuted only in the Grand Traverse County area. Guest(s) specifically consents to such jurisdiction and to extraterritorial service of process.
Guest(s) understands that Rental Management One will only accept reservations from responsible adults. Absolutely no exceptions. Guest who initiates the rental will remain responsible for all guests or Licensee of Guests during occupancy of property.
Guest(s) agree to hold harmless & indemnify the Owner and Rental Management One for any liabilities, damage, theft, expense or cost arising from or related to any litigation or claim which may arise out of or in connection with Guest(s) occupancy and use of the rental property. This is including but not limited to any liability or claim for personal injury, theft, or damage of personal property that is made, incurred, or sustained by Guest(s). The terms “Rental Management One & Owner” used in this agreement shall include their successors, assigns, heirs, employees, agents, and representatives where the context requires permits. The terms “Guest(s),” Licensee of Guests, successors, assigns, heirs, guests, invitees, representatives, or other persons who happen to be on the property during Guest(s) occupancy (without regard to whether such persons have authority under this agreement to be at the property), where context permits or requires.
Rental Management One strives to comply with your reservation requests, however, due to circumstances beyond our control such as: changes in ownership, properties being removed from the rental program, mechanical problems etc., neither the owner nor Rental Management One shall be liable for events which may interfere with your visit. This may include but not limited to: inclement weather, fire, construction noise, war, acts of Governmental agencies, or Acts of God. No rebate or refund will be offered in these circumstances.
HOUSE PARTIES ARE NOT ALLOWED AND WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Guest(s) agree that no more than the number of persons listed on the reservation agreement shall occupy the premises overnight. If the home is occupied by more than the number of persons stated, the result will be a loss of total rent, security deposit, and/or additional charge to your credit card. Guest(s) shall not disturb or offend any neighbors, discharge firearms, or use fireworks of any kind.
QUIET time is MIDNIGHT at all properties.
All maintenance repairs must be reported to Rental Management One between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Rental Management One cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of heating, air conditioning, hot tubs, TV’s, satellite receivers, DVD players, WiFi modems, or other appliances. Please report any equipment that is not operating properly. Should a repair person make a call to a home and find the equipment in working order and the problem was due to a Guest(s) oversight or neglect, the charge for the service will be the Guest(s) responsibility. Guest(s) understand and agree that Rental Management One or its repair personnel might need access to the home for the purpose of making the repair.
All homes are privately owned with furnishings and equipment provided by the home owner. Move of furniture is prohibited. If you require special appliances or equipment, please bring them with you. Décor, style, color, and themes will vary between rental homes. Furnishings are subject to change without notice. All furnishings/furniture in the home are in place as the owners wish them and Guest(s) agrees to pay not less than $100 if furniture is rearranged in such a manner that results in cleaning services being delayed.
Our homes are privately owned and Guest(s) are responsible for lost keys. The property must be re-keyed in the event that keys are lost, misplaced, or not returned. You will be responsible for the cost of this action. Please place keys back in the LOCKBOX upon departure. You will receive 1 (one) Key.
Guest(s) are completely responsible and liable for any damage caused by their pet(s) to the home and premises during their stay. Each rental property has a different pet policy, prior permission must be granted. Pets are not allowed on furniture or bedding and wet dogs are not allowed in the house. You are responsible for cleaning up after them.
Downloading or distributing copyrighted material, including peer-to-peer file sharing, without the permission of the copyright owner is against the law. Illegal downloading or distribution of copyrighted materials can result in you being prosecuted in criminal court and/or sued for damages in civil court. Criminal penalties for first-time offenders can be as high as five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. If sued in civil court, you may be responsible for monetary damages, attorneys’ fees, and civil penalties up to $150,000 per work distributed. Use of any homes wireless network for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material is prohibited. If the home has WiFi, by your use of the wireless network, you formally acknowledge that you have been informed of the rules regarding illegal file sharing and the consequences that can come from inappropriate use. If the owner of the homes receives information about suspected illegal file sharing, the rental tenant contact information will be shared with the network service provider, TDS Telecom, for prosecution.
Our cleaning fee rates will vary according to the size of the home. We will do everything we can to make sure your home is ready for when you arrive. It is our mission to provide you with the cleanest home, so that you will be a guest for a lifetime. Due to our high standards for cleanliness, there is a change that not all units will be ready a check-in promptly at 4pm, especially during peak and holiday seasons. We ask for your patience and suggest that you have alternate plans for a few hours in the event that the home is not ready. While we do our best to get you in the home by 4pm, from time to time this is not always possible and we cannot offer any compensation for delays in your check-in, we appreciate your patience and understanding. It is of the utmost importance to us that upon arrival you find your home in top-notch shape from the furniture, to the floors, bathrooms, bedding, dishes, and linens.
All homes are NON-SMOKING and this policy is strictly enforced. Smoking is allowed outside on the porches and decks. Pease do not dispose of the cigarette butts in the yard or surrounding grounds. If cigarette butts are found on the ground, or the home smells of smoke, an additional cleaning charge will be incurred.
By Michigan Law, no drinking of alcoholic beverages by persons under the legal age of 21 is allowed. NO HOUSE PARTIES ALLOWED. Violation of these rules will be cause for immediate eviction loss of all rent monies paid.
All homes are supplied with bed linens, towels, blankets, and pillows. These items are not changed during your stay and is suggested you bring more if needed. Rental Management One provides your initial supply (1 day) of paper products, soaps, detergents, and trash bags, etc., for your convenience. Please pick up along with your groceries all your paper products.
In Summary:
Payments can be made by Visa, Discover, or MasterCard. Deposits will be returned within 4-7 days of departure.
All reservations require a 50% down payment to hold chosen dates. All of the remaining balance is due 30 prior to arrival. Unless checked per property 100% paid at time of reservation
Tenant/Guests hereby assumes all risk of damage to any and all personal property of Landlord/Owner and Tenant/Guest, including household furniture and goods during such use and occupancy. Tenant hereby assumes any and all risks associated with the foregoing and agrees to hold Landlord/Owner harmless from and indemnify Home Owner against the same.
Tenant in the possession, use, and occupancy of the premises agrees to observe and comply with all restrictions, laws, and ordinances affecting the premises or occupancy thereof.
Tenant/Guest further agrees that no use shall be made of the premises, or acts done which will increase the existing rate of insurance upon the premises, or will cause a cancellation of any insurance policy covering the premises.
Smoking is not permitted in any residence. A $300 fee may be charged for ionization, if smoking in the property is detected.
If utilizing a boat or kayak, you are using it at your own risk, no liability to the Home Owner. If there is a kayak or boat on site for the guests use please use and return to the space where you found that item.
By booking this reservation, I have read and fully agree to all policies and hold harmless from any responsibility or liability to Rental Management One, home owners, or their representatives resulting from any loss, damage, or personal injury incurred by any Guest on the premises.
Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time at this vacation rental and leave us a great review as we will leave you a great review.